Reference Database

IMT Laboratories of Orange County California

IMT Laboratories' Bibliography contains a core of 800 radioactive microsphere regional blood flow studies

From the invention of the technique in 1965 to 1980 with additional blood flow studies published by IMT's Customers with E-Z Trac and NuFlow microspheres. These articles are classified by the following:

Animal model (mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, pig, horse, etc)

Tissue type (myocardium, lung, brain, kidney, eye, head, reproductive organs, stomach, mussel, bone, etc)

Method Studies (Key word method will show studies that were used in the development of the microspheres for the measurement of blood flow, cardiac output, etc.)

Following are some examples of searches:

  • mice AND method
  • "of the dog"
  • research AND NOT cardiology