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Q: I want to buy some microspheres and reagents from your company. How could I send the order to you and how could I pay for you?
A: Please view our pricelist to choose from different microspheres and reagents you would require. Orders can be placed by phone/email/fax using a Purchase Order. Orders can be processed only upon receipt of the authorized PO or payment pre arranged and approved. We do not accept credit cards.
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Here are the documents you can download. Included is our Price List, Sample Inventory Log spreadsheet, validation studies, “CARE” principles, Amount to inject spreadsheet.

Reference Database

A searchable database containing a core of 800 radioactive microspheres regional blood flow studies from the invention of the technique in 1965 to 1980 with additional blood flow studies published by IMT's Customers with E-Z Trac and NuFlow microspheres.
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A list of related web sites including research centers and journals.
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Journal of Surgery
Journal of Applied Physiology
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American Journal of Pathology
American Journal of Physiology
Journal of Clinical Investigation

Bulletin Board

New to IMT. As the site is in its beginning, we are attempting to develop a community that can assist in the passing of information to fellow researchers performing regional blood flow studies. Feel free to browse or ask question regarding the use of microspheres for research purposes.
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