At Interactive Medical Technologies we offer a comprehensive assortment of services and supplies necessary for various regional blood flow studies. With our microspheres, our clients can determine blood flow rates to any region of the body and over numerous time points. With our NuFlow fluorescent microspheres, we can even do most of the work for you.

IMT Microsphere Services Include:

  • Consultation for planning prior to the experiment
  • Processing tissue and blood samples after microsphere injection
  • Counting microspheres extracted from tissue and blood samples
  • Generating detailed reports including multiple process controls, raw data, statistics and graphs
  • Explanation and interpretation of data from microsphere counts

Please note: Tissue processing, microsphere counting and reports are only available for the NuFlow microspheres. Consultation and technical support is available free of charge to all of IMT’s clients and prospective clients.

IMT’s available products include:

  • NuFlow Fluorescent Microspheres available in eight colors easily distinguishable by brightline flow cytometers.
  • EZ Trac microspheres available in nine colors for counting under a microscope
  • Test tubes and packaging for shipping samples
  • Our entire line of reagents for clients who would prefer to process samples in their own lab

At IMT we firmly believe that our clients’ success is the greatest testament to our services. From time we hear from you to analysis of the last of your data, it is our top priority to provide you with all we can to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Future Prospects: Microencapsulation

Interactive Medical Technologies is looking to expand its products and services and we recognize the potential of microencapsulation. Microencapsulation has great potential in increasing the efficiency of drug application, increasing the duration of the drug’s effects, protecting protein based medications for oral consumption and so much more. Clearly microencapsulated drugs have potential for becoming the future of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

IMT is still in the beginning stages of developing our own methods and protocols for microencapsulation. Since there is such a wide breadth of methods and applications for microencapsultion, we would be interested to hear about your specific interests for the field. We are also open to collaborating with other labs for mutual benefit. If you would like more information or to share with us you thoughts, please feel free at contact us at